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Benefits of Water Therapy

Performance, recovery and muscular injury prevention

Sport massage has been used for centuries in an attempt to prevent and cure injuries. Water therapy is considered to enhance muscle relaxation, reduce muscle tension and soreness, promote the healing process, and consequently improve athletic performance. Water therapy is also thought to provide a soothing, sedative, invigorating feeling and can give the athlete confidence by the positive reaction that takes place within the body. Water therapy is an effective way to prevent acute injuries resulting from abnormal tissue conditions (e.g muscle tears in tight muscle) and chronic injuries caused by wear and tear (e.g tendinosis) by rearranging the muscle fibers.

As a result of these suggested benefits, water therapy may be a useful modality to enhance performance and prevent injury for athletes who use their muscles vigorously. Water therapy may help to optimize positive performance factors such as healthy muscle and connective tissue and normal range of motion. Water therapy is used to minimize negative-performance factors such as dysfunctional muscle and connective tissue, restricted range of motion, and pain and anxiety. Therefore, preventive water therapy is commonly recommended to help athletes prepare both physically and mentally for a forthcoming event.

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